8 Important Tips to Make a Great Explainer Video

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21 October 2016
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1 November 2016

8 Important Tips to Make a Great Explainer Video

You want to make an explainer video, that's great! Between 30 seconds and 2 minutes to explain your product or service can be a challenge, but with these tips, you'll avoid making loads of mistakes and make sure you'll get yourself a great video that generates fantastic results.

1. Have a Clear Goal
Although it's loads of fun to make an explainer video, you're not just doing it for the laughs, you want to get something out of it, don't you? Make up your mind of what that is and keep that in mind during the whole process.

2. Spend Time on the Script
To get your video the results you're looking for, make sure you're not using pretentious or difficult language, also known as jargon. Explain the problem, the solution, how you solve it and what you want your viewer to do after he finished watching the video.

3. Create a Storyboard
A storyboard will give you a very clear idea of what your video will look like. It offers grip on the end result and will save you lots of time during the production of the video.

4. Choosing a Visual Style
When picking a style for the visuals in your video, have the people in mind you are trying to reach. Is it a rather young and creative crowd? Go bold and make it fun. Are they CEO's and in the business world? Go formal and professional. Find out what suits your audience and what will attract them.

5. Voice Acting Talent
Bad audio can ruin your fantastic video. A voice actor will bring your message across professionally and with the right tone to adress your audience. Don't worry, you don't have to spend your entire budget. You can find great talent at marketplaces like voices.com or try your luck on fiverr.com.

You probably know exactly how you want it to sound in your head, but make sure you give the voice actor enough directions. Send notes with examples or tape yourself to let him or her get the idea of tone, speed, volume and emphasis you're looking for.

6. Music
A song can make a big difference, it really sets the mood of your video and helps telling your story, your video really can't do without. Luckily there are loads of songs you can use for your video for little cost or even free. Start with audiojungle.net or freemusicarchive.org to find inexpensive songs.

7. Sound Effects
Sounds like a cheering crowd or the unfolding of a piece of paper will make your video come to life and helps the viewers understand what they're looking at. Websites like freesound.org will get you far when looking for sound effects

8. Review, Review, Review
At every stage of the process, ask for feedback from outsiders to make sure they can understand it. Because in the end, that's really all that matters!

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For what purpose will you be using explainer videos in your business? We'd love to hear from you in the comment box below.

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