How to create the WOW Factor

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23 September 2016
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7 October 2016

How to create the WOW Factor

If you want to create the WOW factor, you have to create a remarkable product. Yes, remarkable. Not perfect, remarkable. The reason is in the word itself. You remark upon the product. It doesn't have to be perfect, but you want people to remark upon it. And what happens when people tell their friends, family and acquaintances about your product? The trust in your product grows as well as your reach. I for sure feel that when one of my best friends tells me about a mindblowing restaurant, I would believe that friend more than the website with hundreds of restaurants that claim to be mindblowing. You want the people who know your product to be excited about your product and become your ambassadors. They will tell their network and make more people excited, which will become your ambassadors as well and so on. When it is difficult to make your product remarkable or if you want to take it even further: create a remarkable experience. Give your customers a WOW experience to make it stand out and to create a relationship between the product and the customer. For instance, a friend of mine was looking around for new glasses. After comparing a several companies online, which all had beautiful glasses, only one of them offered to send you a selection of four glasses of your choice for free to try out for a couple of days. When the glasses arrived, they were beautifully packaged, a folder with explanation, fantastic photographs and with a handwritten note inside. You see, they did not have to do this. They could have decided that potential customers will just have to come to the store to try the glasses, whilst a salesman is breathing in their neck. But they didn't. They felt that you should be able to get used to the different looks of the glasses and then decide whether they suit you.

And how do I know this? Because my friend remarked upon it.
She was surprised and delighted by their service, the care they took and felt more connected to the company. She now shares her wonderful experiences with everyone who wants to hear it and has become an ambassador for their company. And, should you want to know, she bought her glasses there. Excuse me, she bought two pair. So overdeliver. It is one of the best ways to create that wow factor. You need to exceed the expectations of your target audience and give them more then what they were asking for. This does not mean you always have to invest lots of money to be able to overdeliver. Most of the time the small gestures make the big difference. My friend was most delighted by the handwritten and signed note, which came with her package. This cost the company absolutely nothing to do, except a moment of their time. Small gestures are great for getting new customers through the door, but do not forget the loyal customers you already have. Give them personal attention, special deals or send a hand written card on their birthday. Whatever suits your product. And that is an important one. Think about who your customers are and think like them, what would you be happy with getting as a surprise? Whatever you do, it has to be authentic and has to have a logical fit with your product. We can help you create the WOW factor for your product or service in video. Having an explainer video sets you apart from the competition and makes potential customers more eager to buy. We now have an amazing, free, value packed try-out for you. By filling out this questionnaire we will get you started on having an extremely effective and engaging explainer video for your business. Get a custom concept, clear sketches and video style examples, all for free! We want you to stop missing out on potential customers and have the perfect sales pitch, always. Click here to go to the try-out.

So now my question for you:

In what way do you think you can make your product remarkable?
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