How Video Can Boost Your Conversion Rate

How to create the WOW Factor
30 September 2016

How Video Can Boost Your Conversion Rate


How Video Can Boost Your Conversion Rate

Fantastic, your product or service is ready to hit the shelves and will change the life of many people! Good job! Now you just have to get people to see it and be convinced to buy it. Easy peasy. People hardly buy anything without seeing it or learning more about it and often businesses lose sight that the goal is to actually persuade people. Of course, your article or product page describes your product or service perfectly and you have shiny photographs with white backgrounds, but let's be honest, it is quite a clinical approach. What you are saying is: "Here's the product sir, I sure do hope you buy it." So is there anything persuasive about it? Not really... If the goal is to get the person screaming, "I need this in my life, and I can't wait to own this!" then your product or service needs an explainer video to highlight the things that go into a buying decision. And the time you get to make that fabulous first impression? 0.013 Seconds. Ouch, 13 milliseconds is all the time your brain needs to process an image. So those few milliseconds better be mind blowing to get people intrigued for more of that good stuff! Now take a look at your marketing material and be honest with yourself, are they really that persuasive...?

So how do you make it more persuasive?
Research shows that buying decisions are influenced by our emotions. This means that products with a stronger emotional impact create a greater intent to buy. People want to feel connected to the product. Everyone knows the feeling that it was just screaming your name and you absolutely had to get it! Well, that really happens, sort of. We asked shopping lovers to view three different websites selling white t-shirts. Since the products were so similar, the subjects purchase decisions were less influenced by the design features of the product, and based more on the images of the products and the look and feel of the website. What they found was that the websites with more character and videos, made the participants more engaged and interested. Create a personal bond with the customer to have a strong impact and can influence the purchase decision.

So how do you know if your images are any good? Ask yourself - does the buyer feel cooler, smarter, sexier, richer or more powerful, simply by looking at it?
In conclusion, don't be bland, don't be frigid, you're dealing with people, not robots. Be outspoken, be kind, be approachable, be clear of who you are trying to reach and you will boost your conversion rate without a doubt. Is the current thought in your head: well, that's great, Nicole, but I have no idea how to do this. We're here to help! We can turn your product into profits with our free, value packed try-out. By filling out this questionnaire we will get you started on having an extremely effective and entertaining explainer video for your business. Get a custom concept, clear sketches and video style examples, all for free! Stop missing out on potential customers and have the perfect sales pitch, always. Click here to go to the try-out.

I have a question for you:
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