Why Are Tactile Visuals So Darn Expensive

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1 November 2016

Why Are Tactile Visuals So Darn Expensive

One of the questions we hear most often from would-be customers is “How much does a handcrafted explainer video cost". The response is usually “Why is it so darn expensive?”

Good question! The answer comes in four parts:

1. Quality Takes Time
Let's compare handcrafted videos to wine (we love wine). Some of the best wines in the world take quite a while to make. A great deal of them take as long as a few years, but it pays off once you take that first sip. The same is true with handcrafted video. Whether it's perfecting the concept, balancing the script, making the storyboard, choosing the best colors, crafting the perfect props, shooting with the finest lighting, editing the video, testing voice overs, music and sound effects so it's júst right, these things take time, and often quite a bit more than you would think.

2. Great Ingredients Pay Off
For the winemakers finest selection, they don't simply use just any grapes, they handpick the perfectly ripe grapes and only use those for their wine. It's often the little things that make the big difference. And with tactile visuals, the quality of the ingredients you pour into it - artdirectors, copywriters, paper artists, animators, photographers, music and sound producers - have a huge impact on the final product.

3. Get The Right Tools
Fine winemakers have a lot of fantastic tools to help them with their production. To create great videos we need great tools too, whether it be software for editing or animating, the type of camera or studio lights being used to shoot, or the best materials to build the props, we have to make sure our team is equipped at every stage of the production to deliver great work.

4. Leave Room for Improvements
Just like winemakers who check on their batches throughout the production process, it’s important to leave time for feedback and revisions for your visuals. It's not always exactly spot on the first time, so you want to make sure you schedule enough time for review, and for the creatives to make the requested changes. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to get a great video, but investing the right amount can really pay off. And you might be thinking that you won't be needing so many elements, such as an art director since you have your own amazing ideas, or you want a minimal amount of props or you think revisions aren't really necessary, be warned. Of course there are real ways to cut costs, but it's important to understand why the expences are there. And once you do, you can respect where the money is going towards and make informed decisions about your tactile visual or video.

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